Anza RC
The Ultimate in Sport Racing.

You have found the ultimate in Sport Racing. What’s good: we make better. What already wins: we make totally dominant. With our Traxxas® 2WD Slash aftermarket parts, you really can race your Slash (and related vehicles) with the big dogs. Anza hop-up parts are probably the most highly engineered sport aftermarket parts in the history of RC. This isn’t just hyperventilation.

Take a look at the results: our team driver, Travis Azemcua, regularly crushes all comers at local and regional competition from his home base in Southern California. He also placed 4th at the 2011 US Off-Road Nationals with these parts – racing a Slash! against the most prestigious racing brands in the business! This created quite a stir among the nation’s elite racers, as it’s been decades since a Traxxas® vehicle even made the A Mains, let alone got that close to the podium.

Take a look at the pedigree: the father of Anza, and designer extraordinaire, is famed racer and product designer Gil Losi, Jr. Sound familiar? Yes, THAT Gil Losi, Jr: 4-time Off-Road World Champion, and architect of more revolutionary car designs and features over the past 20 years than anyone in the industry. Gil doesn’t do “average”. Gil doesn’t do “copy”. Gil only does “OMG”.

Take a look at the parts: when you buy aftermarket mechanical parts from virtually any other brand, you are almost certainly buying the exact same part as the original part, but in a different material, such as aluminum. There’s not a whole lot of creativity in aftermarket parts, generally speaking. But Anza parts are different, in that the use of each part, how it handles stress loads, where failure points are, and what its intended use is in the context of the whole vehicle, has been completely re-analyzed. And the end products are parts that race better, and are gonna look a little different to you when you swap them in to your vehicle.

C’mon. Take a chance. Be a winner – at the track, or in your back yard!